About Stocks Reporter

Stocksreporter.com is the ultimate platform for finding and talking about your favorite stocks. Our team gives you loads of important investing details regarding stocks all over the world in an easy to use format. We give this service for free to our huge invaluable community, similar to wikipedia have complete control over the data. By giving you the power to communicate with other investors and easy to follow investing details, Stocksreporter.com becomes the ultimate source of information when deciding your market positions.

Ease of use is very uncommon in the world of finance, most sites covering investing opportunities have the same chaotic layout that been around for the last decade. The information isn't sorted in any logic order and very hard to understand for anyone except the most experienced investors who even they still have to jump around different pages to get the complete overview. With Stocksreporter we are reinventing how you read, interact and act on new facts around the stock you are interested in. No matter if it's a press release, rumour or technical analasys. And most importantly, no matter if you been an investor for 2 months or 20 years. Exact, informative and very easy to use.

More information than anyone else. There is loads of information out there regarding any choosen listed company, the problem isn't sources but instead sorting it and having it all in front of you from the start. One source with press releases is missing the discussions regarding it, another have rumours but no facts and the third has the current price. Instead of jumping from source to source to create your own analasys we have a team and commmunity that does it for you. By the power of our developers, put together with a professional team of investors and a huge community to back us up, we have more and better information than anyone else.

Community is stronger. We strongly belive that no machinge or a few professionals can beat the combined intelligence of the crowd. Therefor we highly value our community and support your interaction with the site and information provided on the site. You can easily share your own thoughts, edit incorrect information and dicuss your favorite stock with like-minded. The power of a huge community with our tools gives you access to an invaluable source of financial information to base your investment choices on.