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Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation through the operations of its subsidiary, Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Inc. (APTI) is a biotechnology company. The Company develops and commercializes a technology platform that is intended for the chemical modification of protein therapeutics. The Company’s platform is dedicated to applications in the field of protein therapeutics and is focused on protein conjugates (therapeutic proteins whose properties are modified and further enhanced by chemically attached entities). APTI's technology involves a way of using techniques to modify therapeutic proteins to improve critical properties that is duration of action, creation of targeted therapeutics. APTI uses advanced protein modification technologies to produce human protein drugs and other protein products, which are to be tested for enhanced therapeutic, diagnostic and analytical properties.

People involved

Fullname Position
Alexander Krantz President,Chief Executive Officer,Secretary, Director
Kenneth Phillippe Chief Financial Officer
Jean Bellin Independent Director
Gary Hayes Independent Director