ADF Group Inc Stock (DRX.TO)

Company description

ADF Group Inc logo ADF Group Inc. (ADF) is engaged in the design and engineering of connections, fabrication and installation of complex steel structures, steel built-ups, as well as miscellaneous and architectural metalwork. It has five principal segments of the non-residential construction market. It includes high-rises, which include office towers, hotels, headquarters, public buildings; commercial and recreational buildings, which include convention centers, museums, arts centers, sports and recreational facilities, stadiums; airport facilities, which include airport terminals, ramps and access ways, maintenance hangars, aerospatial complexes; industrial complexes, which include Power stations, petrochemical complexes, automotive installations, processing facilities and transport infrastructures, which include bridges and overpasses, people transport systems, piers.

People involved

Fullname Position
Jean Paschini Co-Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Antonio Meti Independent Co-Chairman of the Board
Pierre Paschini President, Chief Operating Officer, Director
Jean-Francois Boursier Chief Financial Officer
Marise Paschini Executive Vice President, Treasurer, Corporate Secretary, Director